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SHOP official LINE opened! We will explain how to cooperate with members conveniently and profitably 👍

The shop official LINE has been opened.

From now on, we will continue to deliver shop sale information, the latest arrival information, and overseas brand trends from LINE as needed.

Also, if you are a member or have not registered as a member, you can get a 10% OFF coupon by registering as a friend!

In addition, we will briefly introduce the convenient functions that can be used by linking with the shop account after registering as a friend. After reading the following explanation, please tap the ↓ button or register as a friend with the QR code.

When you register as a friend from LINE, the following screen will be displayed. If you have already registered as a new member at the shop, please press the yellow button "Join member".

If you have not yet registered as a member, you can get another 10% OFF coupon and a 5% OFF coupon that you can use as many times as you like by registering as a member from the link below.

Click here for member registration

When you press the yellow button, you will be taken to the "Link with shop" screen on the right, so please enter the email address and password you registered as a member there.

When you press the link button, you will return to the screen on the left, so when you tap the white button, the following options will be displayed on the LINE screen. If you haven't registered as a member yet, please tap the "Click here if you haven't registered yet" link below. Similarly, the following image will be displayed at the bottom of the LINE screen.

Also, if the member linking screen does not appear, please press the "Purchase history, delivery status" button on the screen above. Then, the previous link screen will be displayed, so you can link by logging in there.

You can do the following according to the button displayed from the official LINE.

  • Check new arrivals
  • Q&A, Inquiries
  • Go to shop
  • Confirmation of delivery and order status *Linking to a shop account is required.
  • Check the latest shop news
  • Check shop SNS

You can check the latest products on LINE from "See new products". When you tap it, 4 items are displayed in order from the latest item. You can read more with the "See more" button.

If you have any questions, you can check from "Q&A, Inquiries". Questions for narrowing down the content will be displayed automatically, so please select them one by one. First, follow the Q&A to check what you don't understand. If you can't find the answer and want to contact us directly, please press "Direct Inquiry" displayed on the Q&A, or contact us via chat from the site. We will respond promptly.

You can also check the details of your order and the delivery status on LINE at "Purchase history and delivery status". This is a member-only function, so please register as a new member to the shop.

From "SHOP NEWS", you can check the latest shop blog of the shop.

From "SNS", you can check the official SNS Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok of the shop.

The above is a simple explanation of the SHOP official LINE. From now on, we will distribute the latest information of the shop to everyone on LINE along with the website, Instagram, Twitter, so please register as a friend with the button below or the QR code. You can also get a 10% OFF coupon that you can use next time♪


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